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Voice Commerce – The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce 2020

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A Forecast by Juniper mentioned that the voice search market will skyrocket to $80 billion in 2023.

We might have experienced the automation that virtual assistants like Amazon Echo by Alexa and Google’s Google Home brought to the world. Isn’t it amazing that the advancement of technology has made our lives a lot easier than ever.It is said that 65% of people who own these voice assistants can’t imagine their lives going back to typing on the keyboard.

What is Voice Command Navigation?

Voice Command Navigation is the technology that utilizes speech recognition and lets the user navigate the store. With the use of this technology, a user can not only search the products they are looking for, but can also command the store to perform various actions like Add to Cart, Proceed with the Checkout etc. The technology lets a customer complete the whole shopping process without typing a letter. Voice search is one of the most important parts of this technology that helps easing out the search process.

Talking specifically about ecommerce, this technology has completely changed the way the market used to work with the introduction of voice search. The Voice Commerce technology makes ecommerce easier as it reduces all kinds of efforts done by the customers making the purchase process smoother and quicker. In our modern-day world, voice control is surely gonna be the next big thing.

How Does Voice Command Navigation Impact Ecommerce Significantly?

Well, there are various newest technologies to enhance the ecommerce functionality. What is so special about voice command to make it such an important factor? Voice command navigation has encouraged the quicker search functionality. Let us discuss how an ecommerce owner can make the most out of the incredible features of this magnificent technology?

Automated Support Delights Repeat Customers

Only during the first time visit, the customer is required to provide certain details like contact number, banking information and personal details. Once the voices are acquired, the voice assistant then takes care of the information and automates product recommendation and support. The voice assistant helps in making suggestions, automatic closure of purchase, helping the dealer dispatch the order on the address given by the customer previously.

Voice Search can be made Intelligent too

Voice search is basically an extension of AI and initial introduction of machine learning. The algorithms of this technology are smart enough to learn about your habits to offer personalized experience. It simply helps in improving customer relationship management and will also help marketers target the right audience. The data that is collected by this smart feature will help know more about their customer’s behaviour and hence offer personalized experience in their future visit to the store.

It is Obviously, Faster than Typing

Voice commands are surely more efficient than typing. Along with the faster processes, it also helps you easily search and navigate the desired products from the large variety of options available. The best part about voice command technology is you can multitask, you can go shopping while you are cleaning your house, or may be while working in the office. This technology is proved to be more convenient and easy to use than any other.

The Right SEO Strategy with Voice Search

From the SEO perspective, the strategy with voice search isn’t similar to conventional typing technology. In order to optimize it for voice search, you must design a SEO strategy according to how the users are searching for the products on search engines. The most important hack for this is optimizing it with the long tail keywords. People tend to type fewer words in search query while typing compared to the search query done by voice. One more hack for developing SEO strategy for voice search technology is usage of conversational content. Such a type of content helps in getting higher results in SERPs and hence getting effective results during voice search.

Here are a certain points to keep in mind while developing SEO strategy for your online store:

  • Long tail Keywords
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Natural Language
  • Improving Local Search
  • Mobile-friendly Interface
  • Final Thoughts

    Voice Search has entirely redefined ways of ecommerce experience for enhanced customer experience and personalized solutions. It is surely gonna be the future of ecommerce. The future of voice shopping relies on retailers to integrate voice shopping as part of an all-inclusive online shopping strategy.

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